Michel Mathieu grew up in Tulette Where the sun burns down and ripens the region's famous Côtes du Rhône grapes workshop in Tulette and punishes its earth. With this rugged, hard earth he creates pottery with shapes of a touching smoothness. His famous clay cats have been sleeping on the roofs of sleepy Provençal villages for years now. You can spot them lounging around, stretched out in the sun, flopping on the window ledges of village houses in Tulette, Vaison la Romaine, Séguret, Sablet, Valréas, Nyons and Beyond... This site is here to tide you over before you're next able to drop in on the biggest old tomcat of all, Michel in his workshop in Tulette. You'll find original jars and sculptures surrounded by cats in every feline shape imaginable.
Michel Mathieu's workshop, in Tulette, route de Provence, opposite the 'roue à aubes' water wheel.
The earth purrs under Michel's powerful hands. Another cat is coming to life. And it won't be long before he's lolling under the Provençal sun or perhaps even taking it easy up in Paris like some of his brothers which decorate the house of Georges Brassens
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